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Virginia Trees

Shagbark Hickory

Shagbark Hickory

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These are first year seedlings in the range of 1' tall.

Since these are tap rooting trees, it is preferable for the tree to be transplanted very small to promote root health. 

All seedlings are shipped dormant as bare roots.


Types of Seedlings

Seedling Shagbark Hickory: Ithaca

Carya ovata

Seed source: Buzz Ferver, Perfect Circle Farm

Buzz's description: 

A great roadside find just outside of Ithaca NY. Thin shelled and easy cracking. Better quality nut the many of the named cultivars. Beautiful tree!


Seedling Shagbark Hickory: Grainger

Carya ovata

Seed source: Buzz FerverPerfect Circle Farm

Seed description:

The mother tree of these seedlings is a Grainger cultivar. The ortet of Grainger was located in and named for Grainger County, Tennessee. The parent cultivar to these seedlings is described as "Nuts thin-shelled and high-flavored. Bears heavily every other year."


Seedling Shagbark Hickory: Wild

Carya ovata

Seed source: Virginia Trees

Seed description:

These were collected from wild type trees in Augusta County, Virginia. 

Shipping or Pickup Info


You will receive an email when plants begin shipping. This will be once they go dormant for the winter.
Local pickup orders will also receive an email with the potential pickup dates when we get closer as this depends on the weather.

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