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Hazelnuts are a delicious, nutritious, calorically dense nut crop borne on rugged, adaptable, medium-size shrubs. Hazelnuts have been a prized and highly sought-after food source - both for people and wildlife - wherever they're found, since time immemorial. 

All seedlings are shipped dormant as bare roots. These are first year seedlings in the range of 1' tall.

Seedling Hazelnut: Silver Run
(Corylus avellana x americana)
Seed source: Silver Run Nursery

SRN's description:

Hybrid Hazelnut (Corylus avellana x americana): a large category includes a wide range of crosses of Corylus species. We hand-harvest ripe nuts in September from a university grove planted in 1994 with selections from Oregon State University’s ongoing Hazelnut breeding program for eastern filbert blight resistance and kernel size. Most US commercial hazelnuts come from the Pacific Northwest. At that time, OSU cultivated 20 selections of Native Hazelnuts and European Filberts with two named cultivars (‘Lewis’ and ‘Clark’), all of which had some susceptibility to the blight, which is caused by a fungus that lives on Native Hazelnuts. However, the grove we gather in produces prolifically every year with no signs of blight damage. Native Hazel harbors the blight but isn’t threatened by it. Nut size varies, but overall harvest is abundant. The five remaining shrubs are suckering and densely planted. We mix seed together and have been very pleased with the results! 

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Local pickup orders will also receive an email with the potential pickup dates when we get closer as this depends on the weather.

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