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Virginia Trees

Free Seeds

Free Seeds

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Seeds were meant to be sown.

I have a surplus and would send you an envelope with as much as a $0.63 postage stamp will carry (in a letter up to 1/4" thick). Expect 2 or 3 varieties.

The seeds will come labeled with a three character code that you will use to lookup the variety name & information here.

Corn & tree seeds will not fit in the USPS requirements for these free envelopes. These varieties will only be filled if you are purchasing plants, scionwood, or cuttings that have covered the cost of postage for a package.

The parentheses are examples of what you might receive from each category, if I run out of a category I will substitute. My main goal is to get seeds to the hands of people who will sow them in 2023. I will assume your ship to location is the planting zone & send accordingly. US only. One per household. Ships free using the seeds only shipping method at checkout. I'll send these out in batches & you will get a confirmation email when your envelope goes out.

Botanical sample - Not Germination Tested

Lastly, if you aren’t sure how to get started adding fruit and nut trees to your garden, check out the food forest essentials bundles, which includes a consultation and a customized selection of resilient native plants to bring fruits, nuts, medicine, and ecosystem restoration to your property.


Shipping or Pickup Info


You will receive an email when plants begin shipping. This will be once they go dormant for the winter.
Local pickup orders will also receive an email with the potential pickup dates when we get closer as this depends on the weather.

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