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Needs at least two trees for good pollination.

Chestnuts are truly an amazing crop. These hardy trees reach maximum bearing in about 10 years, with the potential for first bearing as early as 5 years.

Once they start bearing, chestnut trees can produce nuts for decades, if not centuries. At maximum bearing, a single chestnut tree can yield over 100 pounds of nuts per year.

Chestnuts are a delicious, nutritious, and highly versatile food source. They can be roasted, ground into flour, or used in a variety of sweet and savory dishes.

If you're looking to add a long-lived, highly productive tree to your property, consider planting chestnuts.

With a little bit of care and attention, you can enjoy the delicious bounty of these amazing trees for years to come.

I have 1 variety of chestnut available this year, which is sourced locally from the Shennandoah Valley and described below. 

These are first year seedlings in the range of 1' tall. It is preferable for the tree to be transplanted very small to promote root health. All seedlings are shipped dormant as bare roots.

Types of Seedlings

Empire Elite Chinese Chestnut

Castanea mollissima

Seed source: Route 9 Cooperative


The Empire Elite Mix has seeds from numerous good parents that are genetically diverse; many of these are better than the named cultivars. These are pure Chinese chestnut or Chinese-type hybrid seed from commercial quality parents.  There are about 25-40 seeds per lb.  


Seedling Chinese Chestnut

Castanea mollissima

Seed source: Virginia Trees


These were collected from mature prolifically bearing trees in Rockingham County, Virginia. 

Shipping or Pickup Info


You will receive an email when plants begin shipping. This will be once they go dormant for the winter.
Local pickup orders will also receive an email with the potential pickup dates when we get closer as this depends on the weather.

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