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Virginia Trees

Black Cherry Seed

Black Cherry Seed

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Black cherry is our native cherry. It grows large and can be used as a timber tree. It produces prolific small cherries which are great for wildlife. Their flavor varies from tree to tree— I find some enjoyable out of hand and others not so much. You can process the fruits into jams and other products as well. 

As an early succession tree, it grows fast and tall from seed and can begin fruiting in as little as 5 years. Black cherry is a great ally for restoration work and is a keystone species with an extensive native range.

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Learning to grow trees is a powerful skill that saves on costs and emissions and is an all out simpler way to get the trees out thereYou can grow them in a nursery bed or experiment with direct sowing in the final location to save you the work (and the trees the disruption) of being transplanted out later. When growing from seed you might only have a 50% success rate depending on conditions but the simplicity of the method remains a powerful tool. 


Black Cherry: Wild

Prunus serotina

Plant source: Virginia Trees

Seed description:

These seeds originated from wild trees in Augusta County, Virginia.

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