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30 Way Seed Swap

30 Way Seed Swap

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Update: The signups are now closed. The last handful of participant seeds are on their way in & I'll get them divided up and sent out as soon as possible!

Ok! There is a lot of interest in trading seeds on the free seeds page so we are hosting a seed swap. Please read the description in full before joining, thanks!

How it works: Up to 30 gardeners can participate. Each chooses 1 variety to contribute. This is sent to the host. The host then divides these into 30 packages and mails back the 30 varieties from the swap to all the participants. 

What to expect: You will get a bubble mailer with 30 new varieties of open pollinated (non-hybrid) vegetables, herbs, or grains. 

This seed swap gives the excitement of trying out new varieties without much expense. You will get your envelope well in advance of your 2023 gardening season. Depending on how long it takes to get all the seeds submitted, you will probably see your envelope in January & I will keep you updated. The $6 to join is to cover postage.

What to send: Any open pollinated variety of vegetable, herb, or grain. You should send 30x enough seeds for a home scale gardener to try the variety. For example, 6 tomato seeds x 30 participants = 180 tomato seeds. These should be seeds saved from 2020, 2021, or 2022 to better the chances of strong germination. They can be seed you saved from your own garden or potentially something you already have a large unused quantity of from a past year's seed order. Please include details about the variety, when it was saved, and potentially a link to a description of the variety online. 

How to send: After you sign up, I will send you the mailing address for your seeds. You may send your seeds as soon as you are ready. If you sign up for the standard option, please divide your variety into 30 labeled envelopes. #1 coin envelopes work well if you have them but you can also print your own packets from a template that fold up with some tape. 

If you sign up for the host divided option, send a single large envelope of seeds that the host will divide into 30 envelopes for participants. 

Lastly, I added a host provided option. There is limited availability of this option. This is for a new homesteader or someone who wants larger quantities / more varieties than are offered on the free page. For this option, after you pay the host will contribute a variety on your behalf so there is nothing to mail in.

Shipping or Pickup Info

You will receive an email when plants begin shipping. This will be once they go dormant for the winter in early November. Local pickup orders will also receive an email with the potential pickup dates when we get closer because this depends on the weather.

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