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Virginia Trees



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I have a handful of varieties with scionwood or cuttings for order this year. $4 / stick.

The elderberry or fig cuttings an an easy & inexpensive way to start adding perennial plants to your landscape. They can be rooted in pots or can be planted directly into the ground (put the cuttings 90% of the way into ground with with 1 or so bud above ground to reduce the risk of drying out).

The persimmon scionwood can be used to graft onto our persimmon seedlings. I use the pear scionwood to top work the highly expansive callery pear that have proliferated across the landscape.

Shipping or Pickup Info

You will receive an email when plants begin shipping. This will be once they go dormant for the winter in early November. Local pickup orders will also receive an email with the potential pickup dates when we get closer because this depends on the weather.

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